Infralogic Investors Forum – Australia June 2022

Infralogic Investors Forum – Australia June 2022

James Cowper, Director at Principle Advisory Services, hosted a panel of seasoned Australian infrastructure investors on planning for the future at the Infralogic Investors Forum in Sydney on 20 June 2022.

As the players and product offerings in the infrastructure space expand, so too have LPs’ strategies, as they search for the right level of risk across their portfolios by harnessing growth sectors and evaluating their current asset exposure post-pandemic. At the same time, internally, many LPs have been busy strengthening their GP relationships to access co-investment, as well as developing their team and opening new offices in key locations to capture global opportunities. However, the mergers of super funds are likely to push up the minimum ticket size and increase mandates, while pressure on ESG and greener and cleaner investing and benchmarking requirements are all likely to impact how and where LPs can invest.

Among other topics, panelists considered and discussed:

  • How do investors rate their appetite for growth/core+ strategies versus core and supercore?
  • How do you balance your portfolio in a post-pandemic environment?
  • How do you get the best from your GP relationships – separate and managed accounts, co-investments?
  • How are LPs managing ESG and the drive to net-zero across their portfolios?
  • How do you navigate the benchmarking requirements for superannuation funds?

You can watch the introduction here and register to watch the whole session, plus all the other sessions, on-demand here.