AVCJ Private Equity Forum Australia & New Zealand 2024

Ken Licence, Chief Executive Officer at Principle Advisory Services, hosted an expert panel exploring the wealth management platforms and their role in accessing high net worth individuals in Australia at the AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum – Australia & New Zealand on 7 March 2024.

High net worth individuals represent a huge and largely untapped source of capital for private equity globally. In an advisor-led Australian market, wealth management platforms have emerged as a prominent access point. Working effectively with these groups means understanding that their customers can differ markedly from institutional investors in terms of sophistication, education, risk appetite, and economic objectives. The panellists discussed and shared their views into accessing opportunities and understanding the unique characteristics of this investor base.

Among other topics, panellists considered and discussed:

  • How popular is private equity versus other private markets options?
  • Will semi-liquid products come to dominate the high-net-worth space?
  • Is there scope for customisation in areas like fees, capital calls, and reporting?
  • What more can be done in terms of education and expectations management?

You can register to catch this and the other sessions on-demand here.